Welcome to our large selection of hydrangeas. We offer you varieties that are not readily available either on the internet or in your local garden centres.

Brand new varieties are being added all the time. All our plants we supply are top quality and are ready to adawn your garden …so I do hope you enjoy them.


Paul Cook

Featured Hydrangeas

A superb hydrangea we have been selling now for over 20 years!! Its still one our most popular with its star shaped flowers which explode out like a rocket bursting in the sky on bonfire night it has been and always will be a an eye catcher...the hint of blue which appears on the edges of the petals as they age always causes great interest ideal to grow in pots or containers , always use lime free compost when potting and grow in a spot that does not get direct sun all day long.

Hydrangea Fireworks White

Sold Out For 2017

We have waited a long time for this great introduction and it arrived in 2016 with Cooks being the only garden centre with this plant in 2016 ...its first true showing was at Chelsea where it stunned the crowds and sold out by day 2 ...and gained the accolade of being the famous Jim Butteress's plant of the show ...with similar growth habits as hydrangea fireworks white it is ideal for a pot or container again use only lime free compost and plant in spot that does not get day long sun.

Hydrangea Fireworks Blue

Sold Out For 2017

This lacecap hydrangea is firm top seller with our customers at the summer flower shows ...with deep purple outside ring of petals and blue small central florets the combination grabs every bodies attention ...compact enough to grow in a pot or container always use limefree compost to ensure you maintain the stunning colours.

Hydrangea Kardinal Violet

Sold Out For 2017

With its compact rounded habit and white serrated flowers this hydrangea is my favourite ...if you grow it lime free then as the flowers age the centre of each flowers becomes bright blue and you gain a flush of blue through the rest of the flower, grown with lime present then it will be a pink centre and a hint of pink either way it makes a stunning plant.

Hydrangea Koria

Sold Out For 2017

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